Loki then and now: the trickster against civilization - Taylor & Francis ...

3 Apr 2017 ... The Avengers (Joss Whedon, 2012) and Thor: the Dark World (Alan Taylor, 2013). ... and Hollywood industries affects the character (played in the films by ... when Lthe ritual subjectsL (initiates, candidates, whole communities ...

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Loki then and now: the trickster against civilization - Taylor & Francis ...


3 Apr 2017 ... The Avengers (Joss Whedon, 2012) and Thor: the Dark World (Alan Taylor, 2013). ... and Hollywood industries affects the character (played in the films by ... when Lthe ritual subjectsL (initiates, candidates, whole communities ...

Telenovelas - Taylor & Francis Online


Telenovelas: Consumption and. Dissemination of a Brazilian. Fashion. Maria Claudia Bonadio has a. PhD in History from the State. University of Campinas.

(IVF) treatment? - Taylor & Francis Online


25 Sep 2015 ... What are the best predictors for successful GnRH antagonist protocol in in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment? Nivin Samara, Daniel Reis, Netanella ...

bad mother - Taylor & Francis Online


It is contained in his study of the painter Giovanni Segantini ( 1911), which also includes a description, imbued with a new atmospheric quality, of the mother–son ...

3D Origami Art - Taylor & Francis Group


Boca Raton London New York. CRC Press is an imprint of the. Taylor & Francis Group, an informa business. AN A K PETERS BOOK. Jun Mitani. 3d origami art ...

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan - Taylor & Francis Online


more like Hollywood films,' Rosenbaum writes, citing Dhoom:2 (Sanjoy Gadhvi, 2006) ... performance style that she utilized even more fully in her next British film.

What Durga Bhabhi did next - Taylor & Francis Online


16 May 1976 ... Vohra (1907–1999), more popularly known as 'Durga Bhabhi', the young mother who famously assisted in the escape of the renowned HSRA ...

Bob Dylan and the 1960s - Taylor & Francis Online


Dylan's songs thus helped create the sensibility that would approve the ... Literary scholars pry lyrics loose from notes and chords so that they can be dissected as ... Two circumstances should loom large in any reckoning with Dylan's trajectory.

Narrative understanding - Taylor & Francis Online


Narrative understanding: developing a theoretical context for understanding how children make meaning in classroom settings. SUE LYLE. Drawing on research ...

customer magazines - Taylor & Francis Online


CUSTOMER MAGAZINES. The rise of ''glossies'' as brand extensions. Lynda Dyson. This article argues that as media production and consumption is ...

E-Books vs. Print: Which is the Better Value? - Taylor & Francis Online


Jonathan Bunkell, Vice President of Online Book Sales for Elsevier,. Ltd., presented an examination of e-books versus print books in order to assess which is the ...

Apert syndrome - Taylor & Francis Online


23 May 2017 ... Apert syndrome is a rare type of syndromic craniosynostosis. Children have an explicit phenotype with craniofacial dys- morphologies (Figure 1) ...

Maps of Meaning - Taylor & Francis Group


Peter Jackson is Professor of Human Geography at Sheffield. University. Page 3. MAPS. OF. MEANING. An introduction ...

Book review - Taylor & Francis Online


Using the life story of a six-dollar t-shirt as the epicentre of her holistic examination, she humanises the trade process by deconstructing production mechanisms ...

Hassan Fathy in New Gourna - Taylor & Francis Online


As a pivotal figure in the rebirth of. Arab and Islamic vernacular architec- ture, Hassan Fathy played a key role in Egypt's cultural and nationalistic reawakening ...

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao - Taylor & Francis Online


The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao: Between Regional Embeddedness and Global Networking. BEATRIZ PLAZA. *. & SILKE N. HAARICH. **,†. *. Faculty of ...

There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem - Taylor & Francis Online


Wayne W. Dyer. HarperCollins Publishers, New York, N.Y. 2001. $24.00 xi 261 pp. n the book There's ...

Voice and Sound in 1715 - Taylor & Francis Online


Nicholas Hammond. University of Cambridge. The central thesis of this article is that Louis XIV's reign, which has tended to be considered from an exclusively ...

Eminem's Construction of Authenticity - Taylor & Francis Online


It would seem reasonable that Eminem and Dre, his producer, would design his lyrics to appeal to his projected audience. Eminem acts as if he never expected to ...

studying gender identity in - Taylor & Francis Online


Daphna Joela,b*, Ricardo Tarraschb,c, Zohar Bermana, Maya Mukameld and Effi Zive. aSchool of Psychological Sciences, Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel; ...

Dispersion of salmon lice in the Hardangerfjord - Taylor & Francis ...


4 Oct 2013 ... The Hardangerfjord has perhaps the world's densest concentration of farmed salmonid fish, with a stand- ing stock biomass of more than 50,000 ...

Ana Mendieta's Abject Performances - Taylor & Francis Online


Mendieta's sustained use of a simplified human form has generally been interpreted in three ways: the first, by feminist art historians to codify her as an essentialist ...

Trafficking in TV crime: remaking Broadchurch - Taylor & Francis ...


the first episode of Gracepoint, the fan web site Den of Geek published a post by Roberts. (2014) listing 13 crucial differences between the original Broadchurch ...

The ABC of Physical Activity for Health - Taylor & Francis Online


In the ABC of Physical Activity for Health, A is for All healthy adults, B is for Beginners, and. C is for ... Children and young people aged 5–16 years should accumulate at least 60 ... Reilly, J. J., Jackson, D. M., Montgomery, C., Kelly, L. A., Slater,.

Madonna's Drowned Worlds - Taylor & Francis Group


stereotypes into the realm of serious discourse concerning Madonna's artistic merits. With the releases of Ray of Light (1998) and Music (2000), appearing.

Fifty Shades of Grey - Taylor & Francis Online


His desire to dominate her both sexually and emotionally manifests throughout the film. This is usually depicted as Christian stalking Ana; he shows up ...

Food rules in the Koran - Taylor & Francis Online


rules as they appear in the Koran are contained within the concepts of halal and haram. Halal means lawful, permitted and recommended by the Islamic law.

Precipitates in aluminium alloys - Taylor & Francis Online


17 May 2018 ... [32], but the law represents the exception [33]. For example, Mg exhibits complex solute orderings that are not well understood. In Al-Mg alloys, ...

Underdogs in the Political Arena - Taylor & Francis Online


Political candidates are often labeled as underdogs, either by the press or themselves. This paper explores connotations associated with the underdog label in ...

Classification of landforms in Southern Portugal - Taylor & Francis ...


The procedure is applied to the Ria Formosa basin (Southern Portugal), with five different terrain types classified (plains, tablelands, plains with hills, open hills ...

Cold Reading The Blue Book - Taylor & Francis Online


Kennedy's novel takes mediums' techniques of cold and warm reading and embeds them into its own narrative technique. These techniques are analyzed here in ...

A Full 3D-Navigation System in a Suitcase - Taylor & Francis Online


nection with a stereotactic frame and the InstaTrack. System of VtI (Woburn, MA), which is dedicated to functional endoscopic sinus surgery.11-13 Re- cently, the ...

Stolen account credentials: an empirical ... - Taylor & Francis Online


of online dissemination of stolen account credentials, we systematically ... Stolen account credentials can be used for account hijacking, i.e. ... Brazzers, dating. 1.

The problem of poor people's mobility – a ... - Taylor & Francis Online


And cover me with dirt. Alice in Chains, Dirt. Introduction. In recent years, an increasingly visible poverty has been highly debated in Sweden, not least in terms.

Global governance and conflict diamonds - Taylor & Francis Online


By tracing the evolution of conflict diamonds as a pressing human security concern in international politics, we demonstrate that the ongoing Kimberley Process ...

Ambi‐diegetic Music in the Movies - Taylor & Francis Online


In this connection, ambi-diegetic film music plays. Morris B. Holbrook is the W. T. Dillard Professor of Marketing, Graduate School of Business, Columbia Univer-.

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