A fast-decoupled method for time-domain simulation ... - IEEE Xplore

Chen-Ching Liu, Senior Member, IEEE, Jimmy Hsieh, Conrad H. K. Chang,. Joseph M. Bocek, and Yu-Ti Hsiao, Member, IEEE. Abstract-This study is concerned ...

A fast-decoupled method for time-domain simulation ... - IEEE Xplore - Related Documents

A fast-decoupled method for time-domain simulation ... - IEEE Xplore


Chen-Ching Liu, Senior Member, IEEE, Jimmy Hsieh, Conrad H. K. Chang,. Joseph M. Bocek, and Yu-Ti Hsiao, Member, IEEE. Abstract-This study is concerned ...

Fast Induction Logging Modeling With Hierarchical ... - IEEE Xplore


30 Oct 2019 ... frequency domain (DGFD)-based domain decomposition method (DDM) to model the open borehole environment accu- rately with a newly ...

Optimization of Time-Weighted Average Efficiency for ... - IEEE Xplore


13 Apr 2019 ... 1, 2, and 3 denote transmitter coil, receiver coil, intermedi- ate coil, primary pad, and secondary pad. The relationship between La, kab and Mab ...

Unraveling the BitTorrent Ecosystem - IEEE Xplore


trackers, obtaining peer lists for all referenced torrents. Complementing the torrent-discovery site and tracker crawling, we further crawl. Azureus and Mainline ...

Information Needs for Anime Recommendation - IEEE Xplore


Work, Theme, and Genre were the most frequently mentioned features when users described anime they were seeking. Findings also show Audience as an ...

6-DOF PC-Based Robotic Arm (PC-ROBOARM) with ... - IEEE Xplore


Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Abstract – Over the past decades, design and control a robotic arm is not an ...

The NAC - a miniature CPT Rubidium clock - IEEE Xplore


AccuBeat Ltd, Jerusalem, 91450 Israel. Email: [email protected] Abstract— Here we report of the design and characterization of a miniaturized Rubidium ...

Dielectric Image Lines - IEEE Xplore


Image Lines*. S. P. SCHLESINGER~. AND. D. D. KING~. Swnrrtar~-Some further studies on the dielectric image line are presented. Following a verification.

3D Finite-Difference Frequency-Domain Method for ... - MIT


T - - (FDFD) method is a conceptually simple method to solve time-dependent differential equations for steady-state solutions. In solving Maxwell's equations in ...

Advancing Technology in Upgrading or Replacing ... - IEEE Xplore


18 Oct 2019 ... David B. Durocher , Senior Member, IEEE, and Matthew R. Hussey , Member, IEEE. Abstract—Low-voltage motor control centers (LV MCCs) ...

The Medium and Long Term Stability of the NAC ... - IEEE Xplore


AccuBeat. Jerusalem, Israel. [email protected] Abstract— The NAC1 ("Nano-Atomic-Clock") is a miniature, high reliability, CPT-based Rubidium ...

Fibernet II: A Fiber Optic Ethernet - IEEE Xplore


The fiber optic network, named Fiber- net 11, is an active-star configured network which is plug compatible with. Ethernet at the transceiver cable interface.

A comparative study: MongoDB vs. MySQL - IEEE Xplore


The database integration in the framework will also be presented. Index Terms— MySQL, MongoDB, NoSQL, RDBMS, non- relational databases. I.

Comparison of pMOS and nMOS 28 GHz high ... - IEEE Xplore


Abstract—High efficiency, compact CMOS power am- plifiers (PAs) based on nMOS and pMOS transistors in. 45nm CMOS SOI technology for Ka-band ...

Experimental validations of insect orientation ... - IEEE Xplore


25 Feb 2019 ... Harman, I.T., Drake, V.A.: 'Insect monitoring radar: analytical time-domain algorithm for retrieving trajectory and target parameters', Comput.

IoT network protocols comparison for the purpose of ... - IEEE Xplore


This can be achieved using MQTT. (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) and CoAP. (Constrained Application Protocol) protocols. Choosing the appropriate ...

Quickest Detection of Intermittent Signals With ... - IEEE Xplore


9 Oct 2019 ... (Corresponding author: Jasmin James.) The authors are with the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer. Science, Queensland University ...

A Survey on IoT Architectures, Protocols, Security and ... - IEEE Xplore


This survey paper describes the architecture of IoT, protocols used in. IoT, its security issues and smart city based IoT applications. Keywords—IoT; Data security ...

Autonomic computing - panacea or poppycock? - IEEE Xplore


s) adj. 1. Not controlled by others or by outside forces; independent: an autonomous judiciary; an autonomous division of a corporate conglomerate. 2.

Extracting Suspicious IP Addresses from WhatsApp ... - IEEE Xplore


analyses are performed by a packet sniffer, which captures the raw network data ... The sniffing of WhatsApp voice calls, collection of IP address information, and ...

Introducing formulas for Fermi energy - IEEE Xplore


The case is made for using a one-dimensional calculation as an introduction. Index Terms— Education, Fermi energy, free-electron model, metals theory. I.

The Finite-Difference Frequency-Domain Method - hade.ch


THE FDFD METHOD. A. Derivation in 1-D. To derive the FDFD method, one can start either from. Maxwell's (curl) equations in the frequency domain [12].

Low-Loss Rectangular Dielectric Image Line for ... - IEEE Xplore


Low-Loss Rectangular Dielectric Image Line for Millimeter-Wave. Integrated. Circuits. SHUICHI. SHINDO. N. TAKAO. ITANAMI. Abstract—This paper describes.

Eight-Channel Silicon-Photonic Wavelength Division ... - IEEE Xplore


18 Apr 2019 ... Ramat Gan 5290002, Israel (e-mail:,[email protected]; [email protected] ... N. Inbar and M. Vofsi are with the Tower-Jazz Semiconductors,.

Wireless hacking - a WiFi hack by cracking WEP - IEEE Xplore


Abstract -Wireless Local Area Networks frequently referred to as WLANs or Wi-Fi networks are all the vehemence in recent times. People are installing these in ...

Publications: an exceptional tradition part 1 - magazines - IEEE Xplore


6. IEEE Communications Magazine • March 2005. PUBLICATIONS: AN EXCEPTIONAL TRADITION. PART 1 — MAGAZINES any communications professionals.

A Neural Network Structure for System Identification - IEEE Xplore


Absba. Establishng a dynamic process model is the first step toward i nting a modem control algont Beauseoffe complexity of chemical processes, most models ...

Bifurcation analysis of the islanded micro-grid with ... - IEEE Xplore


ubD1 = io1D io2D io3D − igridD. (. ) Rv. (21). ubQ1 = (io1Q io2Q − io3Q − igridQ)Rv. (22) where Rv is a virtual resistor between the bus and ground.

binary to gray code converter implementation using qca - IEEE Xplore


we proposed QCA implementation of binary to gray code converter. Keywords— coulombic interaction; downscaling; majority gate; feature size; quantum dots; ...

Adaptive Scheme for Caching YouTube Content in a ... - IEEE Xplore


17 May 2017 ... INDEX TERMS Content caching, cellular network, extreme learning machines, mixed-integer linear programming, popularity prediction, feature ...

Maximally Orthogonalized Higher Order Bases Over ... - IEEE Xplore


than in the case of other HOBFs of polynomial type and b) practi- cally not dependent on the applied expansion order. Index Terms—Basis functions, higher ...

Sequence-Aware Watermark Design for Soft IP ... - IEEE Xplore


24 Dec 2015 ... Abstract— This paper describes a design approach for incorporating sequence-aware watermarks in soft intellectual property (IP) embedded ...

Finite-difference frequency-domain method for the extraction ... - arXiv


(1)], we employ the well-known FDFD method based on the Yee's mesh [32]. The finite differences. (FD) method is excellent to model devices with a complex ...

STEM summer camp follow up study: Effects on ... - IEEE Xplore


Australia [email protected] Luciana Barroso. Civil Engineering/Aggie STEM. Texas A&M University. College Station, Texas, USA [email protected]

Selective Anti-Aliasing for Virtual Reality Based on ... - IEEE Xplore


Dept. of Game & Mobile. Faculty of Computer Engineering. Keimyung University. Daegu, Korea [email protected] Abstract—This paper introduces an ...

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